2014 : Mr Joe Lau entered the "Miami Fashion Week" Competition at USA, and won the "BEST HANDBAG DESIGN AWARD".
2014 : The exclusive retail stores of "CUPCAKE" & "CUPCAKE HOMME", has 30 branches all over Korea.And the popularity and sales amount in China of "CUPCAKE" has increased rapidity, over 130 branches & location in all over China now.
2013 : "CUPCAKE" products entered into Taiwan's famous department store "SOGO" for sales.
2012 : "CUPCAKE" products entered into Taiwan and Japan online market.
And first exclusive store opened in Japan at the same year.
2011 : The first "LAPALETTE" store in Southeast Asia opened in Singapore in December 2011.
2011 : In the year 2011, Mr Joe Lau created his first men's collection "CUPCAKE HOMME", which now sold in online shop in Korea. The first exclusive store "Band of Player" for "CUPCAKE HOMME" opened in Spring 2012.
2011 : In 2010, "CUPCAKE" products entered into China's fashion market. There are now total 45 "LAPALETTE" branch stores and sales counters in 23 major cities in China.
2011 : "CUPCAKE" has gained popularity in Korea. "LAPALETTE", the retail shop of "CUPCAKE", has 18 branches in Korea. It is expected that more branch stores will open in 2012.
2010 : Due to the great successful online sales in Korea in 2009, the first new exclusive store, named "LAPALETTE", opened in the most famous shopping area in Seoul. It is expected that about 20 more new retail stores will open in Korea till the end of year 2010.
2009 May : CUPCAKE's "HORSE" series was selected by the HONG KONG JOCKEY CLUB and has become a hot and exclusive item to their club members.
2009 March : CUPCAKE entered into Korea online shopping market. With unique design and sound workmanship, CUPCAKE has become a new and spectacular brand in Korea. CUPCAKE products continue to appear in different kinds of Korean media, such as fashion magazines, newspapers & popular TV dramas. A group of Korean pop stars have been using CUPCAKE products as promotion.
2008 : CUPCAKE's "HORSE" Ladies Handbag series appeared on the Japanese famous TV program iSHOP CHANNELi by JUPITER SHOP CHANNEL LTD. The sale result was very successful that all the products were sold out in the first 15 minutes of the one hour program show. The "HORSE" series has become the classic product of CUPCAKE.
2007 : CUPCAKE products were imported by T.K Maxx Department Store in United Kingdom.
2006 Dec : CUPCAKE set up its sale counters at branches of CITISTORE (HONG KONG) LIMITED.
2006 Oct : CUPCAKE products were first introduced at the APLF Oct "FASHION ACCESS" exhibition, and won the "BEST COLLECTION" of the APLF awards.
2006 April : Mr. Lau created a new brand named as "CUPCAKE" in Hong Kong, which is a brand of handbags & accessories.
2004 & 2005 : Mr. Joe Lau, who is a designer, sold his designed products at boutiques in SOHO and Uptown New York.